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The TIMT sale category, which stands for "The Tartx Island of Misfit Toys" and is where fabulous yet "just a little off" products or products that are going extinct and will not be replaced go. Everything here is in tip top shape the individual description will state if there is just a little something keeping them from being grouped with the others or if the item is just being discontinued.

TIMT Sale Policy: all TIMT items are final sale and are not able to be returned or exchanged.

  • Anne Boleyn Organic Cotton Market Tote Bag TIMT
     Style# 340
    Royalty, Rulers, Courtesans
    $27.00  SALE!  $15.00 
  • Edgar Allan Poe American Apparel Zip Hoodie F497 - TIMT
    Royalty, Rulers, Courtesans
    $49.00  SALE!  $24.00 
  • Jane Austen Organic Cotton Large Market Tote Bag
     Style# 117
    Authors & Companions
    1 left in each color
    $27.00  SALE!  $21.00 
  • Mermaid La Luxure Organic Cotton Large Market Tote Bag - TIMT
     Style# 154
    $27.00  SALE!  $21.00 
  • * Alternative Apparel Baja T-Shirt Choose your TARTX image
    $20.00  SALE!  $10.00 
  • Edgar Allan Poe Poncho Hoodie - TIMT
     Style# 239
    Authors & Companions
    $59.00  SALE!  $20.00 
  • * Choose your TARTX image Alternative Apparel Pony Shirt
    $29.00  SALE!  $20.00 
  • Catherine of Aragon pony open back t-shirt - TIMT
     Style# 616
    Royalty, Rulers, Courtesans
    $29.00  SALE!  $20.00 
  • Anne Boleyn Rocky Eco-Fleece Hoodie - Sale Discontinued colors
     Style# 340
    Royalty, Rulers, Courtesans
    $49.00  SALE!  $34.00 
  • Giraffe Anthropomorphic Organic Cotton Liquor and Wine Bottle Tote Bag - TIMT
    $15.00  SALE!  $7.50 
  • Alice and The Flamingo
    Travel & Poster Art
    $19.00  SALE!  $5.00 
  • * Choose your TARTX image Bella T-Shirt
    $26.00  SALE!  $15.00