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Anne Boleyn Tudors

Style# 166
Royalty, Rulers, Courtesans

An excellent way to carry art with you. This pocket mirror features a collage of mine of the ever popular and ill-fated Queen of England, Anne Boleyn. I find her one of the more striking female presences in English history with the details of her story still being debated to this day.

  • Pocket mirrors come packaged complete with a velvet bag for safe keeping.
  • Dimensions: 2.25 Diameter.
  • Design on one side with real glass mirror on the other side.

What to say of all this Tudor business? A real live Shakespearean Soap Opera if there ever was one. And there were. As with so many of the subjects I end up building my pieces around, my interest in the Tudor history began with books. Oftentimes I listen to audiobooks while I work on the pieces themselves, finding inspiration to create something completely original or re-imagining centuries old pieces. As with so many great stories of dynasties, the stories about the Tudors are oftentimes most interesting when they are most personal.

All of the individuals in this enormous and oftentimes confounding family tree had and led such interesting lives (some of them dramatically shortened), that I have enjoyed paying a kind of tribute to their stories. For Anne I have her holding The Tudor Rose and collaged with pieces of an antique anemone botanical and ornamental papers and bookplates. I choose the anemone flower for one of its symbolic meanings "forsaken".

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