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Gentleman Owl on a Bicycle Organic Cotton Large Market Tote Bag

Style# 477

This fabulous hand sewn tote features a design of mine titled Gentleman Owl on a Bicycle and on the reverse side the quote "Bicycling is the nearest approximation I know to the flight of birds." ~Louis J. Halle.

This is a serious Go-to bag. We took a long time, experimented with several fabrics, and even more designs. We played with zippers, and pockets. This bag is a culmination of some serious, thoughtful consideration as to what makes a really great bag; useful for all kinds of occasions.   It's very sturdy,100% Organic Cotton, it's meticulously screen printed with waterbased ink (no hand, better for the environment!) by hand in Colorado,  very attractive 1 of a kind design, it's washable, it has a zippered pouch built into the inside, it's handsewn in the USA, it has a Gusseted bottom. I'm probably forgetting something but basically it looks as good as it performs.

  • 100% Organic Cotton. 
  • Open main compartment with a zipper panel top.
  • Handsewn tucked  27" handle length fabric straps making it easy to carry it on your shoulder.
  • Zipper closure pouch 9x9" inside the tote.
  • Gusseted 7" bottom will help the tote sit nicely flat when filled. 
  • Separate by color, machine wash cold, line dry. Iron if necessary.
  • Color: Oyster (kind of light cream) with black ink.
  • Dimensions: 18"W x 17"H x 7"G
  • Screen Printed meticulously with love by hand in Colorado, USA.

This owl on a bicycle inevitably brings a big smile to everyone's face who see's it. 

Giving Human qualities to Animals is as old as storytelling and art themselves. Our most famous fables contain multiple forms of anthropomorphism (attribution of human form or other characteristics to anything other than a human being). We find these comical situations with animals engaging in human endeavors to be both endearing and quite funny.   

Price: $27.00
Quantity:  Style# 477