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Alice Flamingo Birds of a Feather Wonderland Flour Sack Towel

Style# 332
Alice In Wonderland
$12.50 - $20.00

This large heavy weight flour sack towel features "Birds Of A Feather" a design of mine based on an illustration by Sir John Tenniel of Alice trying to play croquet with a flamingo as a mallet. I have added a top hat and bow tie to the dapper flamingo. The quote from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast".

These towels provide a stylish all-purpose, utilitarian working towel for the kitchen. Printed so the towel can be used for everyday kitchen hustle and bustle but will look great when folded and hanging on your oven door. 

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  • Premium, superb quality, fast-drying,100% Cotton flour sack towels which are hemmed on all four sides.
  • Lint-free, soft and absorbent, these flour sack towels will quickly become your favorites in the kitchen. They are perfect and stylish as an all purpose, utilitarian working towel for the kitchen that is still beautiful as a fine dining linen.
  • Dimensions: measures approx. 30" x 30". Sizes can vary slightly. 
  • Prewashed and preshrunk.
  • Towel Colors - White or Natural. Eco-friendly natural towels are the same 100% cotton fabric as the premium white, only left in their natural state without the bleach. 
  • Machine wash cold or warm, machine or line dry and iron when needed.
  • Meticulously screen printed with love by hand using non toxic, eco-friendly water based textile inks that are soft to the touch and food safe. Waterbased inks are not only better for the environment and for our health but they also get softer with every wash. Waterbased inks are also safe to iron and will not crack over time.
  • Made in Colorado, USA.
This piece is one of many that came about from a fascination and appreciation of All things Alice. Over the years Tiffini has collaged, combined and composed dozens of pieces in various mediums from damaged and discarded vintage and antique books dedicated to all of Alice's experiences. With her detail scissors in hand she created these pieces as glimpses of her interpretations of these truly wonderful stories.
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Quantity:  Style# 332