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Custom Glass Round Paperweight - TIMT

$28.00  SALE!  $15.00 

Slight bubbles and swirling is fairly typical due to the nature of the handblown glass, however, I have set aside a few paperweights for the Tartx Island of Misfit Toys that have a few too many charming bubbles or swirls. Pictures below shows a bubble in the TIMT paperweights. They are still lovely and I am sure most people would not put them on sale but my pickiness is your gain!

Choose an image from the store. It can be a pocket mirror image, one of my prints - basically anything in the store can be used for a Glass Round Paperweight.

  • Superb quality, handcrafted glass flat round glass paperweight.
  • Characteristics inherent in handcrafted glassware such as an occasional air bubble or light swirling may be present. Much care is taken to ensure this does not interfere with the image. 
  • Packaged with care in a lovely gift box.
  • Large Paperweight approx. 12 oz. Dimensions: Approx. 3 5/8" x 3/4" Deep.
  • Food Safe, Hand wipe clean.
  • Meticulously made in Colorado, USA.

Due to the weight of the glass paperweights the cost of shipping paperweights overseas is quite high so there is a flat shipping surcharge added to International Orders. If you are purchasing more than one paperweight you will only need to add this flat charge once regardless of how many paperweights are in your order.

Was: $28.00  SALE Price:  $15.00
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