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Le Divan Japonais Toulouse-Lautrec

Style# 485
Alice In Wonderland
$1.25 - $7.00
An excellent way to carry art with you. This piece features Le Divan Japonais by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.
Badge, Magnets, Mirror and Keychain sizes:
  • 1" magnets or 1" pinback badge
  • 2.25" magnet
  • 2.25" keychain
  • 2.25" pocket mirror
Pocket Mirrors:
  • Pocket mirrors come packaged complete with a velvet bag for safe keeping.
  • Dimensions: 2.25 Diameter.
  • Design on one side with real glass mirror on the other side.

 There is something about a great poster, well several things really that occasionally elevate "just a poster" to something approaching really great art! We love the long history that posters have in popular and populist culture, both above ground and below ground. Early 20th century poster art has some really great examples.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec painted what he knew, and he knew the Moulin Rouge.  He helped introduce the soon to be famous Parisian nightclub to the world through his illustrations and prints.  He maintained a life-long relationship (although it was very short lived.  Sadly, Henri died at the age 36) with the nightclub and many of it's most famous patrons and dancers.

This lithograph was created for the cafe-chantant, known at the time as Divan Japonais.   The 3 individuals in the lithograph are Jane Avril, seated next to writer Edouard Dujardin, enjoying a performance by cabaret performer Yvette Guilbert.

Which kind/s?*: 
1" Pinback Button/Badge  $1.25
1" Magnet  $1.50
2.25" Pinback Button/Badge  $2.00
2.25" Magnet  $3.00
2.25" Keychain/Bottle Opener  $5.00
2.25" Pocket Mirror  $7.00
Quantity:  Style# 485