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TIMT Scarves - Many Different Designs

$19.00  SALE!  $9.00 

These scarves are in The Island of Misfit Toys because I have changed the design on the current version or if there is a different reason that is detailed below. The designs listed here look exactly like the ones in the regular scarf section (designs on both ends) unless mentioned otherwise. We are really picky. I am sure most people would still sell these scarves without thinking there was an issue with them.

  • Charles Dickens Carmel colored scarf - Changed Design and quote on new ones.
  • Owl Light Blue - Changed design on the new ones.
  • Owl Olive Green (Dark Green) - Changed design on the new ones.
  • Alice Flamingo Red Scarf - Printing mildly light.
  • Jane Austen White Scarf -  A small fabric "slub" on the bottom back of the scarf. 
  • Mermaid Light Blue Scarf - Printing mildly light. 
  • White Rabbit White Scarf - Printing mildly light. 
  • Shakespeare Cold Weather Light Blue Scarf -A small fabric "slub" on the bottom back of the scarf. 
  • 100% sheer jersey cotton, super soft and stretchy unisex scarf.
  • This scarf has raw unfinished edges.
  • Pre-shrunk and laundered. 100% cotton sheer jersey is combed for softness and comfort.
  • Dimensions: 93" x 16" (236cm x 41cm)
  • Screen Printed meticulously with care by hand in Colorado, USA.
Was: $19.00  SALE Price:  $9.00
Choose Scarf or Scarves: 
Charles Dickens Carmel 
Alice Flamingo Red 
Jane Austen White 
Mermaid Light Blue 
Owl Light Blue 
Owl Olive Green 
Anne Boleyn Red 
Shakespeare Cold Weather Blue 
White Rabbit